Boys Hairstyles From The Funky To The Angry

Boyhood is largely a confusing time. There is that sense of freedom, and the attraction to do all kinds of nasty things. The temptations are severe, and you are pumping up in testosterone. Well boy, you know what, the wrong decisions come back to haunt you badly.

Show some maturity in choosing cool boys hairstyles. Many amazing styles are available to try. Keep the hairs cropped if you have to show your aggression in a hard hitting way. Keep it cute, if you want to be the sweet guy friend.


Boys hairstyles on the posh kid style

Music forms a major aspect in the average boy’s life. If you listen to ‘One Direction’ and Justin Bieber, you get into the posh kid mood. Then the usual styles are the sweet ones. The bangs, short layers and a top head of hair are common choices.


Boys hairstyles for the rebel and renegade

If you listen to old classic rock such as Pink Floyd, you get all starry eyed and mystical. The boys hairstyles take over the contained back-brush mode. If you are preparing to be a metal-head, start keeping long hairs for headbanging fun! Of course, there are numerous other variations.


For More Latest Hairstyles Click Here.


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