Short Natural Hairstyles in Insane Color Ways

The ethnic afro has something very jazzy about it. It allows a soft cocoon of comfort and confidence around your head. One thing about the naturals is that they grow like crazy! If you do not like that much volume in the silhouette, go for the short natural hairstyles. You can easily try up just any style on the short curls as you can try on the big head.Black-Natural-Hairstyles-For-Short-Hair

Short natural hairstyles with oodles of attitude

If anything under the Baobab tree (metaphorical) can be ethnic African, then it is the natural hairstyle. You may try straightening, top buns, bangs, anything! When you return to afro, it is all natural. All your blues seem to disappear in the new found confidence of the traditions! The short natural hairstyles remind you how mama tied your hairs before you left for the school. The nostalgia helps you restore all sanity.

Short natural hairstyles to try out color craziness

In fact, the short natural hairstyles are much more suitable to colors than a big afro head is. A biggie head of color may make you look like a clown (no offense meant). When it is short, the coloring blends perfectly with your personality.


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