Asian Hairstyles for the Luscious Orient Feel

The diverse heritage of the Asian traditions expresses itself in some of the most graceful hairdos. Consider the lustrous but graceful style of the Japanese geisha tradition. Think the amazing braids and buns that dancers from India have. The blending of the traditional and the contemporary is a distinct character of Asian hairstyles. Many women leave their hair open to look modern, but bun it in a way their mothers and grandmothers have been doing always.

Asian hairstyles for long hair

Typical mongoloid profiles usually define the Asian look. This face shape allows you to try anything on the long wavy hairs, straight hairs, and the curly. However, a straight hair with end curls offers a gracious style. There are literally hundreds of Asian hairstyles variations in buns.


Asian hairstyles love the black

The black is a natural color in Asia just as the blonde is common in the States. You can try dyeing your hair black for the Asian experience. Women from this part of the world just love the long hairs! Although the curly may be not much common in Asian hairstyles as it is with the Afro-Americans, yet many women curl their hairs to a certain length.


For more hairstyles, please Click Here



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