Short Layered Hairstyles for a Dynamic Look

Shortening and layering is a heady combo! It expresses the amazing vivacity exuding from a natural confidence. The hair is short, means you need to keep things lightheaded. You need lightness only when the complex situations need a close and tough resolution. Chaos and confusion are natural in such circumstances. The short layered hairstyles perfectly align your appearance with the mood. The synchronicity helps keeping stuff in order.


Short layered hairstyles for the extreme edgy

Short layered hairstyles are best when edginess is absolutely necessary. Find a good hand to design the sharpness defining you. For the extreme rebellious, colors and layers create the perfect expressions. You can go subtle with the colors, or crazy in them. In fact, careful coloring can also deepen the contrasts that are so vital in layers. You can also try short weaves to heighten the contrast effects further.

Short layered hairstyles for the urban busy woman

Sometimes, the complexities are impersonal. Professional life is highly hectic and it does have a significant share in keeping your mind busy. Try the short layered hairstyles if you are confident of carrying it to the office. The sharpness sets in tune with your professional toughness.

Short layered hairstyle   

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