Formal Hairstyles to Make You the Belle of The Ball

Subtle, sleek and sophisticated is the look for this season. Hairstyles that create fascinating textures and give a romantic feel to the appearance are the perfect party-hairdos.


Various formal hairstyles

Hairstyles for formal occasions are available in various styles and shapes. These include up curls and down curls, up smooth and down smooth styles, braids and plaits. You can also pick from the latest formal hairstyle trends like up-dos, down-dos or, half-up-dos. The correct hairstyle will not just look amazing but it will also last long, saving you the worries of checking the mirror frequently to ensure your hair-do is in place.


Formal hairstyle up-dos

Since the up-dos are trending in the formal category of hairstyles, whatever is the occasion, you should have a few easy-to-do up-do lessons in store. You can try out the fishtail up-do which is ideal for garden parties and first dates. A few bobby pins will set the perfect look for you at the ball. You can also choose between the romantic crown braid up-do and romantic, loose side braid in case you are in a hurry for the party but want to don an impressive look.

formal hairstyles

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