Latest Hairstyles for Girls for the Cool Look

Girls need low maintenance hairstyles which can be done in a short time. There is an extensive variety of hairstyles for girls. It is best to pick some easy hairdos which look cool and trendy. Here are some hairstyles one can pick from.

Latest hairstyles for girls – Ponytails and bows

For girls, ponytails and bows are the ideal hairstyles for girls. One can go for a quadruple flipped ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for sports. You can also try the ponytail bow. This is not a hairstyle for active days. The bows are like an accessory. There are a number of combinations for the hair bow giving you limitless options.


latest hairstyle

There is also the subtle bow which is very easy to do. If you can tie your shoe then you can do this hairstyle. It can be done in two minutes! Bows are popular and suit girls of every age. They are cute.

hairstyle for girls

Latest hairstyles for girls – The Princess look

If you want to dress up your hair more than usual then you can go for Rapunzel Braid which is from Disney’s tangled. Yu can make braid every day and then decorate it with flowers and have a cute Disney princess look.

latest hairstyle for girls


For more hairstyles, please click here.


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