How to Style Short Hair for Windswept Look

Short hairs are the boon for managing long locks and tough curls. Though the hair strands are smaller than the long hair styles, you can do wonders with it. Thinking of how to style short hair with elegance and how to maintain it, here you have the answers.


How to Style Short Hair for Pear Shaped Face

Most of the hair styles that are made short look great for pear shaped face. However, here is the style that stands apart from the crowd.

high-contrast-blonde-styleThis angular cut looks cheeky for any pear shaped faces and for any hair textures. Also, it suits oval and round shaped face cuts. This gives you a high class look with optimistic attitude.

You can add curls to it which looks natural to this style. You can also decorate the angles with colorful slides and cute little clips.

How to Style Short Hair with Less Maintenance

Short hairs are easy to handle but only if you use the right style and product. Avoid using shampoos and conditioners of different brands. Choose the hair color that compliments your short hair the best. The best trick on how to style short hair is by using wooden comb with short bristles. This tames your hair strands that in turn help you to style the way you wish.

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