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Barbie Hairstyling – Live Your Childhood Dreams

This is no secret that there is a charm and charisma related to Barbie’s hairstyling and her amazing wardrobe that every girl dreams to possess. Perhaps, you have also grown up with the same fantasies. From blonde, black to red, this iconic doll has been seen sporting different hairstyles. Well, you can also wear that iconic look of your dreams or you can make your darling daughter look like a princess with Barbie hairstyling.

Give a shape to your childhood fantasies with Barbie Hairstyling

Flower girl hairstyling is one among the most popular hairstyles sported by Barbie. Moreover, you can get this one very easily. All you need is a curling iron, some cute butterfly clips and some elastic bands. Just with some half ponies and flowery twists and turns, you will be able to get this beautiful Barbie hairstyling in minutes.

barbie hairstyles

Barbie Hairstyling is evergreen

Barbie hairstyling is evergreen. You can put in to anytime, anywhere regardless the demand of the occasion. Be it a birthday party or wedding day, you will look your best in her hairdos. Moreover, you have plenty of options to choose from, like simple side parted style, braided ponytail, two ponytails, braided bun, squirrel’s tail and princess hairstyle. So, choose your pick and get ready to steal the show.


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Latest Hairstyles for Girls for the Cool Look

Girls need low maintenance hairstyles which can be done in a short time. There is an extensive variety of hairstyles for girls. It is best to pick some easy hairdos which look cool and trendy. Here are some hairstyles one can pick from.

Latest hairstyles for girls – Ponytails and bows

For girls, ponytails and bows are the ideal hairstyles for girls. One can go for a quadruple flipped ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for sports. You can also try the ponytail bow. This is not a hairstyle for active days. The bows are like an accessory. There are a number of combinations for the hair bow giving you limitless options.


latest hairstyle

There is also the subtle bow which is very easy to do. If you can tie your shoe then you can do this hairstyle. It can be done in two minutes! Bows are popular and suit girls of every age. They are cute.

hairstyle for girls

Latest hairstyles for girls – The Princess look

If you want to dress up your hair more than usual then you can go for Rapunzel Braid which is from Disney’s tangled. Yu can make braid every day and then decorate it with flowers and have a cute Disney princess look.

latest hairstyle for girls


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Toddler Boy Haircuts with a Twist

When it comes to selecting a haircut for your toddler it becomes a difficult deal. Toddlers look cute in any kind of hairdo. But which one you should pick should depend on what your child is comfortable with. It is usually best to usually go for short haircuts for toddlers. However, there is a variety of styles you can try out on your toddler.


Toddler Boy Haircuts – Keeping it Short

If you want to keep the hair short for your toddler then you can pick from these styles. You can go for the spiky look if your boy has thick straight hair. The textured Toby look is an adorable short haircut which is simply no fuss. Also, the Wispy William is a classic boy haircut. It is short around the ears and blends up nicely into longer textured pieces above the head.


Toddler Boy Haircuts – Medium Length

Some kids may like to keep the hair a little longer. There are some really cool looks for the small boys in medium length. You can actually try out the shattered Mohawk to let your little boy’s inner rock star out. It can be worn down or spiked up. If your baby boy has the rocker attitude then he can pull off this hairdo very convincingly.

toddler boy haircuts

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Haircuts for boys which are in fashion

There is a host of celeb hairstyles that boys love to sport. It is important to go for a haircut that can transform into different styles. The cute and short spiky hair, Mohawk, shaggy look and pompadour are in fashion right now. Here are some cool hairstyles for boys that cone can choose from.


The Mohawk and the Faux Hawk

The Mohawk is a versatile haircut and can take on different looks depending on the length and texture of the hair. It complements soft faces but gives an edge. The Faux Hawk is a short Mohawk. It gives an edgy look but does not require as much work as the long Mohawk. It can be styled up spiky with a gel or, worn without gel for a natural appeal.



Shaggy mop top and cool buzz cut

You can also try the shaggy mop top with a long side-swept bang that perfectly frames the face. Ask your hairstylist for layers around the face. Shaggy hairdos are in these days. If you like to keep it easy and simple then the buzz cut is certainly the easiest of them all! It is cut short all over and trimmed shorter on the sides and slightly longer on the top for a seamless flow.

Celebrity premiere of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey 'Built To Amaze'

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Kids hairstyles for girls for all seasons

If you are bored of trying the same hairstyles for your little girl then you can creatively use some of the cute classic styles. You can customize the looks to make your little angel look the coolest kid.

Ponytails and braids are evergreen kids hairstyles for girls

Although ponytails and braids are common styles, they can be worked up in a number of ways and they never fail to create an interesting hairdo. Try out the ponytail Paige. Pull her hair up and out of her eyes to show off your daughter’s adorable face. Add section of hair to the ponytail to create a caterpillar like effect which is fun to combine with colorful hair clips.


You can also go for the French braid felicity. Classic hairstyles never fail you. It is a cool and secure hairdo and is still going strong for little girls. This braid looks good on all hair types. It is best for girls with long layers. You can also choose the braided bonnie for a simple and cute hairstyle. The two braided pigtails are perfect for girls with below shoulder length hair. You can coordinate the hairdo with colorful accessories for more fun.



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Braided Hairstyles for Kids in Amazing Ethnic Variations

There is something very ethnic about a braid. Maybe since it is one of the oldest hairstyling methods, the beautiful braids have umpteen variations. Although the braided hairstyles for kids in microbraids are almost exclusively popular in the African American community, yet any mom can arrange for the same.

Braided hairstyles for kids in close micros

The close microbraids use the scalp and the hair together to express amazing variations. The different types of microbraiding patterns around the scalp are perfect to have their tiny heads in the dreams. You can also try the halved braided hairstyles for kids. In this, half portion of the scalp is in microbraids, and the other half has a gorgeous natural bush! These braids are easiest to do on girls born with a natural Afro hair.

kids braid hairstyles

Braided hairstyles for kids in princess styles

If your little diva has the hair length, try the braid hairband. It looks very beautiful especially on natural blonde hairs. Of course, your kid is too young for dyeing hair blonde. There are different kinds of braided hairstyles for kids. You are never out of a magical idea to help your little one express her princess attitude.


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Hairstyles for Kids for the Proud Pirates or Fairytale Princesses

 Many parents often worry their kids are so imaginative that they may lose touch with reality! Nothing can be farther from truth than this. Imagination is essentially a creative act. Everyone knows creativity is a real thing and it helps the mind to find answers to the most complicated questions.

You can make the bridge between reality and the dreamy by braiding her hair like the queen she just met in stories! Let your boy be the Peter Pan! Try the different hairstyles for kids to make them happy beyond anything!


Hairstyles for kids in braids and knots

You actually have a rich resource of amazing hairstyles for kids. If you think that you are out of styling ideas, try the star braiding or the alphabet braiding. If your daughter has the necessary hair length, you can also pull the braid over to the front like a tiara. You can also try the Celtic knot and different other hair bun variations.

Hair style

Hairstyles for kids to brighten their moods

Sparkle up her style and mood with fun accessories such as hairpins, glitters, and colorful hairbands. Obviously, hairstyles for kids also include your boy. However, boys do not like accessories usually.

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