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Shih Tzu Hairstyles cutely for the Adorable Fur babies

The little greatness of the feisty Shih Tzu makes them wonderful fur babies. They have a thick coat, and it can be practically difficult to maintain. Shih tzu hairstyles can serve both purposes really well. First, you can give the dog a very adorable look.

Second, it is easy for the owner to take care. As adorable as the thick coat may look, but it has many issues. Keeping it clean can be a challenge. Besides, your little dog can feel uncomfortable.

Shih tzu hairstyles easy maintenance

A soiled coat is not what you want for the tiny one. You can try different variations of Shih tzu hairstyles. The top knot is so adorable that many owners are unready to let it go. However, you can always trim the ends so that they do not come to his/her eyes. You can shave off most of the hair from the body keeping the chest coat and the top knot.

shih tzu

Shih tzu hairstyles variations

Some owners also give their dogs the poodle cut with their feet trimmed to look like that of a fashionable poodle. See your doll leap to your lap in happiness, looking all cutesy in amazing Shih tzu hairstyles.

shih tzu 2014

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